Which Martial Art is the best?

  EndlessCombatDS   Feb 17, 2019   MMA   0 Comment

There is certain value in all martial arts disciplines and their associated principles. Sometimes, their value just has to be discovered.

Cross training in the arts reveals our strengths and weaknesses. This awareness helps us to become stronger (if we are willing to work hard) in the areas we may never have realised weakness existed unless confronted unexpectedly by it. We have all heard a stand up fighter say that a grappler will never take them down or the grappler say that they will tie up a striker before they can get an effective strike. While this might be possible, and I say ‘possible’, what happens when an assault is unexpected? On the street? Not when in a cage or a ring. Not when the bell rings and there is a allocated time to fight or someone present to refferee. What happens when you find yourself being hit from behind and you end up on the ground? What happens when weapons are involved? Now that’s another story altogether!

I have heard Guro Dan Inosanto (my teacher) say, ‘if you don’t understand what you are being taught then it’s a rock, but if you do, then it’s a diamond’. That’s why I train in and teach multiple arts. To discover the diamonds within them and help others to do the same.

To discover what best works for you as an individual, the only way is to approach training in any martial art is with an open mind. You might be surprised what you learn about both the art and yourself.

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