Three things that Distinguish Us from Other Martial Arts Academies

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Martial arts are systems of combat practices that emphasise hand and foot combat and makes good use of an individual’s co-ordination skills. The origin of martial arts has different versions, but most experts concede that the concept began in East Asia some 2,000 years ago. Today, martial arts is widely used as a form of self-defence, and as a spectators sports, like the Ultimate Fighting Championship.

Its popularity has encouraged many people to learn mixed martial arts. People’s interest for martial arts are founded on a variety of reasons: self-defence, sports, fitness, health reasons, or even stress relief. Whatever your reason is for your interest in learning martial arts, it will be a big plus if you choose to train with us. Here are three things that separate Combat Defence Systems from other martial arts academies.

1. Two words: Bruce Lee.

Bruce Lee is considered as one of the most influential martial artist of all time, and at our academy, we teach Jeet Kune Do (JKD), founded by the legend himself. We bear the distinction of being the only Academy certified to teach JKD Concepts in Western Australia under Guro Dan Inosanto, founder of the Inosanto International Martial Arts Instructors Association. We also teach the Filipino martial arts of Kali / Silat and Muay Thai kickboxing.

2. We believe in self-preservation.

While we believe that martial arts is an exciting and challenging sport, our training is not sports-based, but rather, is focused on reality based self-defence. We empower our students with invaluable self-preservation life skills to be able to deal with any random unprovoked attack. As many assaults also involve weapons, we also teach defence against blunt and edged weapons.

3. We believe in early training.

There is no age limit to learning martial arts and we open our doors to students as young as 7 years old. Starting kids early in martial arts provides them an opportunity to gain self-confidence, improve their co-ordination and concentration skills, and become active and alert. It is also never to late to start learning as physical assaults are not limited to the youth of this world!

Now that you know the three things that make us different from other academies, are you ready to take up martial arts now? If your answer is yes, give us a call at 0419 929 339 or email

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