Martial Arts Perth – Combat Defence Systems Press Release

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Taking Perth Martial Arts Community by Storm

Martial Arts Perth - Press Release "Jeet Kune Do Revival"

Combat Defence Systems, the Bruce Lee Jeet Kune Do revival and how its taking the martial arts community in Perth by storm.

I was interviewed and asked about our academy and what makes us different from all the other martial arts clubs?

I explained a little bit about the styles we teach, why we teach theses arts and why we teach the way we do. I also expressed why Jeet Kune Do is in my opinion the ultimate combat defence system and the reason we are so passionate about teaching this to the Martial Arts Perth community.

Martial Arts Perth : The Ultimate Combat Defence System – Jeet Kune Do 

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Martial Art Perth Instructors

Certified Instructor: Gino Vallelonga


Unlock The Next Evolution In Personal Safety With Combat Defence Systems

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