Jeet Kune Do Concepts

Jeet Kune Do is an art and training philosophy developed by Bruce Lee. It is not a style. It is essentially MMA for self-defence with its content and concepts based on combat effectiveness.

With MMA being well promoted and commonly now known, it is easy to assume that all mixed martial arts are the same. However, CDS offers something different in MMA training with JKD Concepts being self-defence focused rather than sport based.

Although there are common methods of training and familiar techniques shared, much of our content is unique in that it is simply not allowed under a set of rules. Directness and simplicity is emphasised while using whatever technique is required within any given range. These ranges include punching range, kicking range, trapping range and grappling range, all identified so as to understand and apply the appropriate technique applicable. The aim is to be able to flow seamlessly between multiple arts given the range we find ourselves in. Joint locking, breaking, trapping, grappling and weapons are also inclusive to provide a complete holistic approach to self-defence.

As JKD is all inclusive and recognises all ranges of Combat, there are many arts that are drawn from. While it is obvious that it is very difficult to master multiple arts in their entirety, it is the essence or effectiveness of a particular art that is drawn on.

JKD draws on some of the following arts but is not limited to; Wing Chun, Southern and Northern styles of Gung-Fu, Mauy Thai, Boxing, Kickboxing, Filipino Martial Arts such as Kali (Also known as Escrima and Arnis), Silat, French Kickboxing (Savate), BJJ, Shooto and Wrestling.

With Certified Instructors under Guro Dan Inosanto who was one of Bruce Lee’s best friends and regular training partner, you can be assured that you are getting the very best in JKD Concepts training in Perth.

Furthermore, we are the only current and certified instructors in JKD in Perth. I would recommend that the relevant research be done before training under anyone that claims to teach JKD in Perth but is not certified to do so.

The Benefits of Jeet Kune Do Concepts

Tone Your Muscles – tone your upper & lower body and feel stronger

Increase Your Flexibility – kicking, punching, stretching increases flexibility

Better Circulation – an increased heart rate increases body circulation

Relieve Stress – there’s no better way to relieve the stress & tension

Full Body Workout – a kickboxing class works the entire body

 Learn to Defend Yourself in all ranges of combat – learn to deal with any given attack situation

 Weapons training – Learn how do defend yourself against an attack with a weapon

 Self-awareness – Improve your ability to be aware of your surroundings

 Improve Your Co-ordination  – build balance and core stability

Have Fun – you’ll feel stronger, faster, lighter and happier

Why Combat Defence Systems?

We are family friendly (Adults classes are ages 14 and up) | We have a ‘NO egos’ policy | Our students help each other to get better | Classes are fun, fast paced but challenging | We cater to ALL Levels in all classes including beginners | Our instructors are experienced and here to help you reach your goals | Our training facility is modern, safe and fully equipped with matted floors for your comfort | As kickboxing trains EVERY part of your body, you will acquire a high level of all round fitness

COMBAT – a fight, struggle, or controversy, between two persons, teams or ideas.

DEFENCE – the act of defending someone or something against attack or injury.

SYSTEMS – a procedure or process for obtaining an objective.


Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need previous experience in a martial art?

No. We cater to all levels in all classes. We frequently accept beginners, many whom have gone on to become senior students.

Is it a difficult art to learn?

JKD is simplistic in its concepts. The art itself is not difficult, but time and consistency is required like anything worth doing to develop an understanding of its applications.

Do I need to bring a training partner?

No, you will meet new people and partner up with someone in class. We have many students that have met in class and are now great friends!

Is there a mix of Males and Females in class?

We pride ourselves on providing great training for both men and women and always have a good balance of both sexes.

How often should I train?

As often as you can. Once is better than nothing but two to three times a week is recommended to gain the maximum benefits for both your body and mind. Four times is optimal and will expedite your learning while progressing towards your goals. Remember, no matter how many times you attend training, CONSISTENCY IS THE KEY! Keep it consistent and the results will definitely show!

Is it dangerous?

We use impact shields and focus pads for striking most of the time. If we are doing contact drills where we strike one another, we do so with gloves and protective gear. Contact is light, supervised and in a controlled environment. Although there is always a level of risk in any activity, it is quite safe. In fact, safer than most sports.

Is there a belt system?

Traditionally there is no belt system in JKD, however contrary to popular belief, there has always been some form of integrated ranking. At CDS, we do have a belt system for ranking, however we don’t place a huge emphasis on it. It is simply a means to attain a good level of understanding and application to help your progression in order to be the best you can be


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Saturday: 10am-11am

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