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Weapons training and Kali knife flow drills

Kali / Eskrima knife flow drills 

Whether it be empty hand or weapons training, techniques are really just a compilation of defences and attacks. While we have to learn ‘techniques’, the real test is when we train them out of movement, flow and unpredictability.

This is where our attributes come in. Speed, timing, line familiarisation, sensitivity, hand/eye co-ordination, reflexes and hand dexterity. To better ourselves as martial artists, development of these attributes is imperative and one of the best  ways to develop them is out of flow.

This short video demonstrates the practice of two drills which we use in our JKD and Kali training. Knife tapping and the Palasut drill. These drills not only help improve your weapons skills but will improve your empty hand skills exponentially. Even though the bladed weapons we train with are not sharpened, we always treat them with the same respect as a sharp edged weapon!

After constant training with these methods and when an empty hand strike has to be dealt with instead of an edged or blunt weapon at speed, you cannot deny the benefits of weapons training. To cut to the chase, if you want to improve your empty hand skills, learn how to train with weapons as well!

But a warning, It’s very addictive!!


Learn Kali / Eskrima knife flow drills


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