Martial Arts and what to look for in an instructor

Martial Arts and what to look for in an instructor

martial arts and what to look for in an instructor

Teaching is as easy or as difficult as the the instructor makes it. This can also mean the difference between good and not so good teaching which will ultimately effect the martial arts experience of the student.

This is where the mindset of the instructor is so important. What is their reason for teaching? Is it just a job? For the lifestyle? Or is it for the preservation of an art, a sharing of knowledge, a passion and uncompromised ambition to better themselves and the students whom they teach? Only the instructors themselves know this. Or do they??

Look and listen closely, as the signs will undoubtedly appear if you are perceptive enough.


Choosing Your Martial Arts Instructor

Knowing a curriculum is one thing, but understanding it is another. Some train hard and study a particular art for years but unfortunately fail to really see the art for what it really is. what I mean by that is this; recognize its weaknesses, recognize its strengths and understand its philosophies. Take from it what works for you and disregard what does not. And most importantly, understand that it will not be the same for everyone!

Furthermore, as an instructor, understand that certain techniques (for want of a better word) that don’t work for you, may work really well for someone else. Know them all and teach them all. The student will discover which ones they excel in over others.

Having said this, there are also some things that just don’t work no matter who you are and should not be taught!

This teaching practice is simply just to fill in class time and keep students amused!


Martial Arts Instructors Constantly Develop and Challenge Themselves

They test, measure and constantly improve and in turn, this ultimately benefits their students.

It would be easy just to teach with the ‘That’s what I was taught and so it must be right!’ attitude. And it may be right. However, after filling one’s cup, one must empty it again and look at it with renewed eyes.

On a personal level as an instructor, I am constantly striving to refine my skills and to chip away at the unessentials as Bruce Lee said. And with new discovery and insight, be a guide to my dedicated students that study the martial arts that I am so passionate about.

Is Your Instructor Passionate About Martial Arts

I am lucky enough to have trained and continue to train under martial arts instructors with this same mindset and am truly grateful for my journey so far. I am truly blessed!


I wish you all the best in your journey.


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