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Is learning Self Defence a Necessity?

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I recently came across a quote from an american Police officer and it went something like this, “The offender doesn’t fear the law or the justice system and so you must make them fear you.” Although I can’t recall the exact quote, the clear message of self empowerment through learning to protect yourself resonated with me. What I took from it, is that everyone needs to take responsibility for their own personal safety and the safety of their families. The fact is that our law enforcement officers aren’t generally on the scene until after the crime has taken place. Furthermore, the attacker knows this and generally isn’t thinking clearly or is under the influence and couldn’t care less anyway.

Does’t it make sense to equip yourself with the tools to possibly avert or deal with an assault situation if unfortunate enough to be faced with one?

We fit our homes with alarm systems and add security steel mesh doors and security mesh grills to our windows. Why? Because we want to take every precaution we can to prevent our home from being broken into. And rightly so. But isn’t burglary illegal? Of course, but it happens every day regardless.

Numerous physical and sexual assaults occur every day,  so why is it that the same precaution to protect ourselves is so often overlooked? Is it the old ‘It won’t happen to me!’ thought process?

Let’s have a look at the key findings from the ABS.

This release presents information from the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) 2013-14 national Crime Victimisation Survey, which is the sixth in the annual series.

The survey collected data, via personal interview, about people’s experiences of crime victimisation for a selected range of personal and household crimes. The survey also collected data about whether persons experiencing crime reported these incidents to police, selected characteristics of persons experiencing crime, and selected characteristics of the most recent incident they experienced.

At the national level, the results showed that:

Personal crime:

In the 12 months prior to interview in 2013-14, of the 18.5 million persons aged 15 years and over in Australia:

    • 418,200 (2.3%) experienced at least one physical assault
    • 538,500 (2.9%) experienced at least one threatened assault, including face-to-face and non face-to-face threatened assaults
    • 65,600 (0.4%) experienced at least one robbery
    • Of the 17.6 million person aged 18 years and over, 48,300 (0.3%) experienced at least one sexual assault.

Australians were more likely to experience face-to-face threatened assault than any of the other selected personal crime types. Physical assault was the second most frequent personal crime type experienced in 2013-14.

These statistics exclude any assaults which occurred during organised sport or in sporting play or incidents of sexual assault or threatened sexual assault that involved physical assault.

is learning self defence a neccesity

Getting back to the quote and particularly the part that says “You must make the offender fear you!” It is our own efforts in taking responsibility and ownership of our personal safety by at least learning some basic self defence skills that may ultimately be the difference between being just another victim or sending a clear message to the offender that “If you think this is going to be easy for you, you are mistaken!”

OK, so the next question is, can three hours of self defence training really help me? Well, I like to put it like this. If you have never used a computer before and decide to take a short general course, you will come away learning how to start and shut down your computer, access the internet, send an email etc. These are the basics that help you to at least now use your computer. This may even now inspire you to further your knowledge and learn new skills that will allow you to use all the advanced features of the computer and what it has to offer. At the very least, you now are able to use your computer and understand the dos and dont’s.  It is no different to learning self defence. You will learn learn how to deal with an initial confrontation, how to try and diffuse and if required, how to come out on top. Will you be a proficient fighting machine? Probably not. That would require additional training of course. But at the very least, by taking ownership of your own safety and taking the time to learn some basic self defence that actually works, you will have now given yourself a fighting chance by knowing what and what not to do.

Combat Defence Systems offers not only membership based training but self defence training workshops. If you are interested in giving yourself a fighting chance, email to register your interest in our next self defence training seminar.

Our next up and coming workshop is ESCAPE TO SAFETY – A Women’s self defence workshop. Click on the below link to enrol. Limited spots available. Participating in this workshop could potentially save your life!


Workshop 1: (May 16 2-5pm)

Escape To Safety Womens Self Defence Workshop Enrol

Escape To Safety – Womens Self Defence Workshop Enrol Here


Martial Art Perth Instructors

Certified JKD Instructor: Gino Vallelonga


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What is Panantukan?

The Filipino martial arts are very well rounded and consist of striking, grappling and weapons. The boxing component is widely known as Panantukan. It is often referred to as ‘dirty boxing’ due to its use of  groin slaps, head butts, head manipulations, elbows, and limb destructions that are devastatingly effective. Knees are also added to the mix and often aimed at the lower limbs while in boxing range.

In this first video, the jab and cross are dealt with using a couple of basic combinations using female footwork to get to the outside of our opponents strikes thus gaining multiple advantages including; A stronger structure (as opposed to the opponent’s side on structure). More striking opportunities due to the openness of our opponent’s side position. It also makes it harder for the opponent to hit back with speed as they need to turn to face your body position. Of course, we know there are counters to everything and in this case it would be the pivot or zoning away but we will elaborate on that in a later article.

The Panantukan pad drills in this video show a few strikes which can be varied depending on the situation. For example, the cut punch off the jab could be a finger jab to the eyes (JKD style) or the body hook could be a groin slap. The back fist that follows the split entry off the cross could also be a finger thrust to the eyes followed by a hook, cross, hook combination.

Note also that the lead leg in Panantukan changes constantly depending on the situation. To become a more complete martial artist, it is essential that we educate both sides of the body.

In the videos to follow, we will also look at limb destructions and grappling (Dumog) with the addition of knees and how it all fits together to form a formidable street fighting system.


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Certified Instructor: Gino Vallelonga


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Martial Arts – #1 reason why you should learn

Martial Arts #1 Reason Why You Should Learn

Martial Arts – #1 reason why you should learn!

#1 – Self Defence

You can’t ignore it. The amount of physical assaults we hear about through the media alone are constant and on the rise. Not to mention the unreported assaults which take place every day. ‘One punch’ or ‘king hit’ attacks, knife attacks, multiple attacker scenarios and sexual assault are all too common now in our own community. Some of the victims have to live with lifelong disabilities. And we are all both shocked and saddened when we hear of the victims who lose their lives in these attacks.

If you don’t believe it, read the paper, listen to the radio, watch the news on TV, and search the internet. DON’T BURY YOUR HEAD IN THE SAND! THIS IS REALITY!

If you think ‘It won’t happen to me’, think again!!! That’s what all the victims thought!

Change your thinking, have a plan, give yourself and your loved ones the best possible chance if ever confronted with a violent confrontation.

Protect and defend yourself and your family.

Learn  Martial Arts

That being said, you also want to make sure that the martial arts training you choose is best suited to real world self defence situations. It needs to be reality based. It needs to cover all ranges of combat and it needs to include training in all possible attack scenarios including striking, being taken to the ground (grappling), weapons and multiple attacker situations.

Perth Martial Arts Academy, Combat Defence Systems teaches Bruce Lee’s JEET KUNE DO CONCEPTS and KALI. These two martial arts flow seamlessly together and represent a direct, efficient and devastating self defence system which covers all aspects of real world attack scenarios.

We teach martial arts for self defence. We don’t train for sport.

Martial Arts are a life skill. A skill that may save your life, the life of a family member or the life of someone you love one day.



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Gino Vallelonga - Combat Defence Systems

Martial Arts Instructor: Gino Vallelonga


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Self Defence Course


Self Defence Course Perth

Combat Defence Systems Self Defence Course

Commencing on Saturday the 6th of April 2013, we will be running a 4 week intensive short course in practical self defence. It will run for 4 consecutive Saturdays from 11am to 1pm.

Cost $165

This self defence course is open to both men and women and focused on direct, efficient and simple tactics to combat a range of assault scenarios.

You will learn – How to win a fight on your feet

– How to win a fight on your back

– How to win a fight with edged and blunt weapons


Our aim is to provide you with  a world class formula for self defence.

The best thing about it is how easy it is to learn!!


Registration and payment due by March 15th.

Call Gino on 0419 929 339 for more information. Numbers are limited.


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Gino Vallelonga - Combat Defence Systems

Sifu Gino Vallelonga


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