Which Martial Art is the best?

There is certain value in all martial arts disciplines and their associated principles. Sometimes, their value just has to be discovered.

Cross training in the arts reveals our strengths and weaknesses. This awareness helps us to become stronger (if we are willing to work hard) in the areas we may never have realised weakness existed unless confronted unexpectedly by it. We have all heard a stand up fighter say that a grappler will never take them down or the grappler say that they will tie up a striker before they can get an effective strike. While this might be possible, and I say ‘possible’, what happens when an assault is unexpected? On the street? Not when in a cage or a ring. Not when the bell rings and there is a allocated time to fight or someone present to refferee. What happens when you find yourself being hit from behind and you end up on the ground? What happens when weapons are involved? Now that’s another story altogether!

I have heard Guro Dan Inosanto (my teacher) say, ‘if you don’t understand what you are being taught then it’s a rock, but if you do, then it’s a diamond’. That’s why I train in and teach multiple arts. To discover the diamonds within them and help others to do the same.

To discover what best works for you as an individual, the only way is to approach training in any martial art is with an open mind. You might be surprised what you learn about both the art and yourself.

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MMA for the street – JKD

MMA for the street – JKD

MMA for the Street - JKD

It might surprise a few people that MMA is nothing new. In fact it can be argued that the MMA marketed so well and popularised by the UFC is not even a true ‘Mixed Martial Art’ in totality at all.

Think about it. The two main disciplines which are cross trained  in MMA are Muay thai and BJJ right?

This is not a criticism. In fact, the reason that these are the two main arts used in the ‘Sport’ of MMA is for good reason. The reason is that Muay Thai has arguably the best stand up game and BJJ has arguably the best ground game. And as the rules allow for the use of both, then it makes sense to train in the best arts for those particular skills. Would you agree?

MMA for Sport?

Well, if you are training MMA for sport, you are on the money! But if it is self defence skills on the street you are looking to achieve, I am suggesting that you may need something a little more.

When I mentioned that MMA is nothing new, that is exactly what I meant. In the 60’s, Bruce Lee opened both eyes and minds when he founded his own personal fighting system and philosophy which he called Jeet Kune Do aka JKD. He studied and researched a myriad of martial arts (no less than 26 actually) after his realisation that no one art had all the answers to all ranges of combat. A realisation that would change the martial arts world forever and pave the way for martial artists to discover their own truth.

So now lets go back a little to the bit about the two best arts cross trained in MMA. Being a sport, there are of course rules. Rules to keep the game fair and to also maintain a reasonable level of safety for the competitors. MMA rules for example; no head butting, no eye gouging, no finger jabbing, no biting, no striking to the knees, throat or groin, and definitely NO weapons. More than reasonable rules in a sport right?

On the street it’s different! Very different! No rules, no referee, no fair play! That’s the reality.

That’s where you might want to train in a system that is all encompassing, one that cuts to the chase.

MMA for the street – JKD

Check in soon for my follow up posts on what makes the original  MMA (JKD) so effective.


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