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What is Panantukan?

The Filipino martial arts are very well rounded and consist of striking, grappling and weapons. The boxing component is widely known as Panantukan. It is often referred to as ‘dirty boxing’ due to its use of  groin slaps, head butts, head manipulations, elbows, and limb destructions that are devastatingly effective. Knees are also added to the mix and often aimed at the lower limbs while in boxing range.

In this first video, the jab and cross are dealt with using a couple of basic combinations using female footwork to get to the outside of our opponents strikes thus gaining multiple advantages including; A stronger structure (as opposed to the opponent’s side on structure). More striking opportunities due to the openness of our opponent’s side position. It also makes it harder for the opponent to hit back with speed as they need to turn to face your body position. Of course, we know there are counters to everything and in this case it would be the pivot or zoning away but we will elaborate on that in a later article.

The Panantukan pad drills in this video show a few strikes which can be varied depending on the situation. For example, the cut punch off the jab could be a finger jab to the eyes (JKD style) or the body hook could be a groin slap. The back fist that follows the split entry off the cross could also be a finger thrust to the eyes followed by a hook, cross, hook combination.

Note also that the lead leg in Panantukan changes constantly depending on the situation. To become a more complete martial artist, it is essential that we educate both sides of the body.

In the videos to follow, we will also look at limb destructions and grappling (Dumog) with the addition of knees and how it all fits together to form a formidable street fighting system.


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